my teeth

My teeth, I made this five years ago.
Painstaking. Progress of Anjelica Huston…
Reverse Engineering Wes Anderson.
Michael, red-scale.
red-scale on the bathroom floor
that’ll do Preparing a screen. Screena Lovely Michael making coffee, Ahlbeck, Usedom Q+S, some time ago
probably the most naked photo of me Found, June 2013. Found, March 2012. I’m in print organising mode; just found this one of Oisin’s for Kink Magazine, November 2011! michael-barr:

we made old fashioneds (sp?)

Yumfest Michael : rephotographed (from Manchester 2012) We learned to divide our mesh count by five, getting the best halftone results for our screens!
Photograph by Michael, Glasgow 2012!