we made old fashioneds (sp?)

Michael : rephotographed (from Manchester 2012)
We learned to divide our mesh count by five, getting the best halftone results for our screens!
Photograph by Michael, Glasgow 2012! michael-barr:

"The back of my neck’s cold."

hahaha Michael and I, satirically characterised by Ted Sterchi (2012)
Grindr Illustrated

2 for ffun *wink wink*
team lemon! BOOM Halftone butt (detail), from May 2012, Glasgow, 2014 (by Michael Barr)
More coming michael-barr:

Perfectly acceptable vanilla sponge with lemon frosting. #adventuretime #lemongrab (at the Dandy Kingdom 👑)
"Catholic schoolboys in trouble"Lol
Colin Quinn by Oisin Michael, 2014 Berlin