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  1. diejunge answered: Drop dead Fred
  2. mirlos answered: holy motors.
  3. globeandmale answered: return to oz
  4. renatosantos answered: Two Drifters aka Odete
  5. ouroborial answered: Ultraman Tiga: The Final Odyssey
  6. christopherscullion answered: i hear holy motors is good. havent seen it though.
  7. gitesh answered: the cruising!
  8. floralmasculinity said: Kill Bill
  9. marmaladefires answered: l’avventura
  10. fourtytwopineapples answered: C.r.A.Z.Y. great film
  11. occono answered: God Bless America
  12. imjustanaverageperson answered: The Tall Man
  13. renao answered: miss congeniality
  14. theundergrounda answered: We just watched “Red Lights” because Cilian Murphy’s a babe and Sigourney Weaver is amazing.
  15. mypessimisticheart answered: Moonrise Kingdom
  16. ayyjuan answered: Kon Tiki
  17. pepeturnsleft answered: Tape
  18. letthemeatit answered: Akira
  19. batikidido answered: life in a day
  20. fearlessjohnny answered: Spirited Away
  21. ursaminorjim answered: "Midnight in Paris." Utterly charming.
  22. amodei answered: lost in translation
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