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Huzzah sholem
Ben McNutt and halftones
Okay, so my head is firmly up my ass because I’m swimming in processes & ideas and they’re all chickens & eggs. Michael & I have been working on multiple websites & we’re almost about ready to fire-some-off!
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ilgtrueb.ch Marlon Ilg and Simon Trüb.
Tommy CamernoUntitled, 2012Oil pastel on paper21 x 29 cm stanley STELLAR, Tommy, 1981 mhopkinsphoto, Zach. mhopkinsphoto.com From Dutch Magazine, May/June 2000 paddle8:

Nate Lowman,"Thirty Million Dollar Smile," 2011The Monochrome AuctionSep 17 — Sep 25
me: “that’s a great photo”Michael: “I took it”me: “you don’t fucking pick up a camera”Michael: “aren’t there enough pictures of you on the internet?” I thought I had muscle but I drink more than I sweat.

It was perfect. www.briefmagazine.com, the original all-of-your-blogs.


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