Winters Love by Animal Collective

Alchimia Milano
#WomenAgainstFeminism goes viral as people explain why they don't need feminism anymore



I’m a little shocked at the ignorance of the #womenagainstfeminism people. I shouldn’t be shocked at ignorance because it’s so damned common, but here I am - shocked.

In a few hours we’ll have burned our very first screen! friendswitheyes:

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Perfectly acceptable vanilla sponge with lemon frosting. #adventuretime #lemongrab (at the Dandy Kingdom 👑)
Happy Birthday Michael! (at the Dandy Kingdom) showstudio:

Walter Van Beirendonck by John Booth

Armchair in transparent PVC, designed by architects Jean Aubert, Jean-Paul Jungmann and Antonio Stinco, Paris, for the AJS-Aerolande series of inflatable furniture.
Produced by Plermag of La Charite-sur-Loire, the chair is made of two independent parts: an arm-back (made of two tubes) and an ottoman, tied with a belt to the back. (Photographed at Galeries Lafayette in Paris, October ‘67).
"Catholic schoolboys in trouble"Lol