Michael : rephotographed (from Manchester 2012)

in 2015 i’m only wearing dip dyed silk

terrysdiary, USED
Sam Porritt Captation photographique - 2013 (production FRAC Champagne-Ardenne) Lapka Some tweaks to our math and here we’ve got beau deets with our halftones! 100% home-made! Eric Hibelot fujiyaygriffo
sholem This is CUTEEE
tom-of-england: Hey CQ, do you have a tutorial or link for your homemade screen printing device/methods? Can't find a good one anywhere. Cheers x

We’re gonna make one, once we’ve perfected the entire thang. bisous

We learned to divide our mesh count by five, getting the best halftone results for our screens!
Photograph by Michael, Glasgow 2012!