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Nate Lowman,"Thirty Million Dollar Smile," 2011The Monochrome AuctionSep 17 — Sep 25
me: “that’s a great photo”Michael: “I took it”me: “you don’t fucking pick up a camera”Michael: “aren’t there enough pictures of you on the internet?”
I thought I had muscle but I drink more than I sweat.

It was perfect. www.briefmagazine.com, the original all-of-your-blogs.


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Aww, you look so lonely.  How about some oral sex?
Lovely Michael making coffee, Ahlbeck, Usedom wrap nice photo holagatosaurio:

Our monthly special for August and September is this Moomin print by Inechi, which will be included for free with any order you make throughout these two months. The prints are xerox over mint color paper, at a regular 20x25 cm / 8x10 in format. Summer’s almost over, but it’s never a bad time to take some inspiration from the Moomin lifestyle and just chill out!